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STEM City USA has announced its intention to develop a virtual copy of Tyrone Taborn, the creator of Career Communications Group, Inc. The company is responsible for producing US Black Engineer magazine’s BEYA STEM Conference for almost four decades. In 2020, Taborn also introduced the STEM City USA metaverse.

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In addition, Taborn is responsible for the award-winning syndicated television show Success Through Education and founded Black Family Technology Week and La Familia Technology Awareness Week, which are campaigns aimed at promoting the value of technology and educating minority children to prepare them for future careers.

Since its launch during the pandemic, STEM City USA has introduced a revolutionary 3D experience on its metaverse platform, which marks a significant step towards enhancing digital interaction. The metaverse has launched a pioneering project to create a digital representation of Taborn, which will be available for future generations to learn from and interact with.

Marsha Jews, former chief operating officer at Career Communications Group,  will lead the project to ensure an authentic representation. This innovative approach to preserving legacies offers valuable insights and experiences for future generations to engage with an authentic digital avatar and enlightening digital persona.

To ensure the most accurate and comprehensive portrayal, Jews will collaborate with those who know Taborn personally and professionally. This collaborative effort will guarantee that the digital twin reflects the full spectrum of Taborn’s life and experiences.

The digital twin project is an innovative approach to preserving legacies in the digital age. It will offer valuable insights, lessons, and experiences for anyone who interacts with the digital twin in the STEM City USA metaverse.

In May 2023, Soul Machines, a company that creates autonomously animated digital celebrities in the metaverse and digital worlds, announced its partnership with NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony. They launched “Digital Melo,” a generative AI-enabled, autonomously-animated Digital Twin of the athlete on social media. Digital Melo, which serves as an extension of Carmelo’s persona, is available on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube as @digitalme7o, and serves as a witness to the athlete’s various endeavors beyond the basketball court from the unique perspective of a Digital Twin.

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