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Career Communications Group has announced that STEM City USA activated the waitlist for the GSV Cup. More than 170 top judges from global venture capital firms evaluate GSV Cup applicants through a review process focused on people, product, potential, predictability, and purpose. The GSV Cup is a call for educational technology (EdTech) startups to apply to be one of the “Elite 200” presenters at the 2022 ASU+GSV Summit from April 4 – 6 in San Diego and virtually.

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Founded and powered by Career Communications Group, STEM City USA, which will mark its one-year anniversary in February, builds on the best practices of Career Communications Group’s BEYA and Women of Color STEM conferences, both of which operate in digital twin environments. STEM City USA provides unmatched career opportunities as well as diverse applications of digital learning, skills, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

“Even before the pandemic, there was a digital divide,” said Tyrone Taborn, CEO of Career Communications Group and president of STEM City USA. “Those in underserved communities lack access to broadband, hardware, and meaningful digital content and training, while the other America has access to high-speed internet, computers, and iPads in the office, at school, at home, and in coffee shops. But a new day is here with STEM City USA.”

In STEM City USA’s metaverse,  content is delivered digitally and through live events, which are distributed to communities within STEM City USA. They include:

  • The STEM City Public School
  • STEM City Health and Technutrition
  • The STEM City Career Center
  • STEM City seminars
  • High-Tech Sunday

The team at STEM City USA plans to join other entrepreneurs in San Diego as the “Elite 200” semi-finalists pitch at the ASU+GSV Summit 13.0 on April 4. Career Communications Group promotes STEM City USA to reach, engage, and retain diverse audiences by exposing them to new job horizons, career pathways, and positive role models in STEM fields.

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