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NORY Inc. has announced that this summer that they are expanding on their mission to nurture changemakers. They aim to help students practice problem-solving by understanding the needs of their community, the needs of people they don’t know, and their own emotions and desires before they try inventing and designing. For the second year running, we take a look at a few science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) summer camp programs that are taking place in New York.

Read, click, and view the links below for more information.

The Learning Center has STEM resources for kids. The team created an interactive learning resource called the Beginner’s Coding Guide. The guide gives educators a resource to introduce the basics of coding on a safe and fun website. Click here for the Beginners Coding Guide.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry, which works to empower kids through robotics, engineering, circuitry, programming, and design, announced a Virtual Summer in lieu of their normal in-person summer sessions and introduced their new online summer program: Summer Circuits!

KoKo NYC, an Open Source gallery kids program, is running virtual workshops for kids 6-10 and 8-12.

iD Tech has virtual camps for young people ages 7–17.  The weeklong Virtual Tech Camps are running right through summer for coding, AI, machine learning, film, robotics, or game design.

Camp Intrepid will be on vacation for the summer of 2020.

STEM summer camps run all of June, July, August at Dazzling Discoveries. Register for Dazzling Discoveries’ Virtual STEM Summer Camp.

Online Remote STEM Programs are available for forensics, photography, anatomy & physiology of fitness, sports medicine, and more.

Summer STEAM will not be running in 2020, but check out the STEAM Up! program, a virtual three-week engineering program for middle school students.

Transformations 2020 offers five different themes across one-week sessions, starting June 29 through September 4 by the National Museum of Mathematics. Register for Transformations 2020 — now online!

MakerState’s Online STEM inventor‘s club features live instruction and a new hands-on project every session in art, computer programming, game design, 3D design, and Minecraft engineering.

Camp Yokey classes are now live.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Girls Who Code announced that it had pivoted its Summer Immersion Program to become a virtual 2-week opportunity for rising 10th to 12th-grade girls.

Have a fun NORY Summer. Visit the website for more information.

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Brian ClairDecember 13, 2020
11:04 pm

STEM the course is very much interesting and the course instructor Dr. Zehren Dincer has coordinated the course very well. She has explained very nicely the definition of stem cells and the types of stem cells. Apart from that, she has delivered a nice interview session for bioethics of stem cells and also put forward her opinion on the legal issue of stem cells in the US. How did the US federal funding limit embryonic stem cell research as per the opinion of former President George W. Bush in the US? This part has also explained by the scientific delegates very well.

Brian ClairDecember 14, 2020
5:11 am

STEM good course for those who wish to gain a basic understanding of stem cell function and the research being done. You’ll learn concepts and some new terminology, but it isn’t overwhelmingly technical. Besides the science, you’ll also learn about the conflicting ethics surrounding such research and its present and future application. Ultimately, you’ll come away with lots of questions, and that a good thing: the best courses stimulate thought and encourage you to learn more.

Cliff BurrisonFebruary 26, 2021
5:49 pm

We are looking for a group to do a STEM presentation for at risk youth.

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