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The David Steward Legacy Award is named for BEYA’s 2012 Black Engineer of the Year and founder of World Wide Technology, Inc., a top US reseller, which counts more than 40 of Fortune 100 companies as customers.

At the 2018 BEYA STEM Conference, David Steward himself presented the award.

“Ramon Richards is known for his technology and business leadership and his passionate support for the STEM disciplines, commitment to diversity, inclusion, and mentorship,” Steward said.

“He has mentored many at all levels within his company, as well as externally with organizations including Communities in Schools, a non-profit organization where he serves as board member and treasurer,” he added.

Richards, a member of the Fannie Mae Diversity Advisory Council, also helps identify development opportunities for internal talent.

As Executive Lead with the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF), he creates opportunities to strengthen the talent pipeline for African Americans in technology, specifically at the senior leadership level, working.

“Before my siblings and I could play outside or join sports, my parents required us to complete STEM exercises,” Richards said in his acceptance speech at the 2018 BEYA STEM Conference.”I learned to love science, math, and engineering.

“One of the most inspirational people on my journey was Mrs. DaLinda Clark Brown, the dual degree program administrator at Morehouse College. She was my ‘guardian’ away from home and instilled the importance of STEM as an academic foundation and paying it forward. Because of her, I graduated with degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering, ascended the corporate ladder, and became committed to mentoring. Unfortunately, she passed a few years after I graduated college but she’d be extraordinarily proud of this moment,” Richards said.

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