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Dr. S. Keith Hargrove, engineering dean in the College of Engineering at Tennessee State University (TSU), is leading a team of faculty, staff, and students making protective face gear for doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel.

“We hope to collectively support the state’s effort to mitigate and limit the spread of COVID-19,” he said in a statement.

According to TSU News, reporters from all four Nashville TV stations came out to see demonstrations by TSU professors and grad students.

“We are currently fabricating several of the headbands to donate to THEC,” Dr. Hargrove said.

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) asked TSU to use its 3D printing machines and technology to help design a portion of a mask made up of a plastic shield, headband, and elastic band. The masks will be used to protect Tennessee medical professionals, like nurses and doctors, who are on the front lines caring for people with coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

In addition to helping with the mask, the College of Agriculture at TSU is also making hand sanitizer and sharing instructions on how individuals can make their own.

“It’s nice to feel like I can help,” said one student majoring in mechanical and manufacturing engineering. “It’s an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.”

Click here to read more on TSU grad students discussing printing technology. (Photo by Emmanuel Freeman, TSU Media Relations)

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