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This past Monday the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) launched its annual Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) program for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who share an interest in learning about engineering.

The program is formed to provide Black students and other minorities in STEM the opportunity to learn the basics of engineering, understand complex puzzles and provide each student a chance to be a part of NSBE.

“The SEEK program allows young students to take their first steps into being a part of Black engineering and STEM community nationwide, it is designed to give children an open door to a STEM education and the opportunity to participate in an environment that encourages them to learn, to make an impact on society and to have fun while doing it,” said NSBE CEO, Janeen Uzzell.

The program will be led by college-level engineering professionals looking to bring young students into their field.

The program lasts three weeks and covers numerous topics and experiments that relate to science, math and history. Each week a new theme is introduced, this first week being Social Justice in STEM, the second week being coding, and the program rounding out with International STEM league.

“The program is not your typical classroom where a teacher is lecturing to a class of students who are uninterested in what is being taught. SEEK provides students the opportunity to be engaged in what they are learning by having hands-on experiences with projects and puzzles, while giving them visibility to mentors who look like them,” said NSBE’s Chief Programs and Membership Officer, Dr. Rochelle Williams.

Students will be able to take the knowledge that they have learned in their class to create different tools using household products.

NSBE hopes to provide students the opportunity to explore different fields of engineering through the SEEK program.
For more information about NSBE and SEEK visit https://seek.nsbe.org.


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