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A seminar titled “Embracing Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trial Design” was recently hosted by Career Communications Group. The seminar’s presenter was Jennifer Jones-McMeans, who is Abbott’s global clinical affairs leader.

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With over ten years of experience in healthcare and medical devices, Jennifer is an expert in clinical research and trial design strategy. She plays a crucial role in obtaining approval for various medical devices in the U.S. and worldwide.

Jennifer is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in clinical trials. She strives for increased racial and gender equity among study participants.

Jennifer believes that promoting diversity and innovation in clinical trials can improve healthcare outcomes. She recognizes that the lack of diversity in clinical trials can pose a significant risk to patient outcomes and is passionate about breaking down barriers to enrollment.

Jennifer has played a significant role in forming community partnerships and investing in underrepresented physicians’ training to pursue clinical trial research and recruit participants from historically underrepresented groups. She has led successful clinical trials that focus on improving hypertension among ethnic and indigent individuals and diversifying the LIFE-BTK trial, which studies severe diseases of the legs’ arteries.

Jennifer’s efforts to promote diversity within clinical trials have earned her numerous awards, including the Silicon Valley Woman of Influence Award and Abbott’s Chairman’s Award. Her leadership in the LIFE-BTK study has been a model for future studies and has received global recognition.

Abbott launched a new initiative in 2021 to improve care among underrepresented populations and drive diversity in medical research. Jennifer supports this initiative, and the company has dedicated $5 million to nearly 300 new scholarships over the next five years at medical schools at historically black colleges and universities.

Abbott has also partnered with ‘Women as One’ to create training opportunities for physicians from underrepresented groups interested in leading clinical trials.

Jennifer’s tireless efforts align with Abbott’s 2030 Sustainability Plan, which aims to improve the lives of more than three billion people by increasing access and affordability to life-changing technologies and products.

Abbott works with other leaders in the field to break down the four main barriers to care and bring innovation to the people who need it most.

Jennifer’s work directly supports Abbott’s sustainability goals, including achieving more significant representation of females in leadership and underrepresented groups within the organization. She has also expanded the Abbott Family Science Program and promoted women’s health education and screening.

Jennifer’s hard work makes Abbott’s work more inclusive and sustainable, resulting in a more equitable healthcare ecosystem. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park, an M.Sc. from California State University East Bay, and a B.A. from the University of San Francisco.

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