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Recently, Career Communications Group held a seminar entitled “Women in Robotics: The Impact Women Have in the Development of Robotics and Automation,” which was presented by Amazon Robotics.

The seminar focused on the growing industries of robotics and automation, and how women are making their way into this field. With the latest trends in technologies like autonomous driving, personal assistants (such as Alexa), service robots, and industrial robots, these technologies are now becoming part of our everyday lives.

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At Amazon, the Global Robotics organization is continually working to reimagine what present-day life looks like. They see the big picture, imagine a better one, and make connections that turn complex problems into elegant solutions.

This seminar provided an intimate conversation with some of Amazon’s top leaders on the role that women must play in developing these technologies and the strides that the company has made so far.

The panelists included Nia Jetter, Amazon Robotics AI senior principal technologist, Temperance Hendela, a senior technical program manager for learning and development global robotics; Shoba Subramanian, a principal program manager for robotics, artificial intelligence and university partnerships; Jenae Glover, a senior manager for customer experience robotics advanced technology; Diya Wynn, senior practice manager for responsible AI, emerging technologies & intelligent platforms; and Neema Amatya, principal safety engineer for robotics and advanced technology.

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