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Career Communications Group recently hosted a seminar called “Leadership and Excellence in Diversity: Sustaining the Diversity Momentum in Changing Times.”

The panel featured Rita Sampson, chief of equal employment opportunity and diversity for the U.S. Intelligence Community, Chinwe Abara, program manager of global diversity, inclusion, and belonging for NetApp, and Col. Antoinette Gant, district commander for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District.

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The goal as champions of diversity is to educate, energize, and excite our organizations around diversity initiatives that foster creativity, innovation, and transformative results.

As key players on an executive team, diversity and inclusion leaders ensure that human resources feel honored, embraced, and ready to contribute great value.

They act as trusted advisors who create strategies that transform corporate culture to support an organization’s mission and vision. This workshop equips participants with the skills they need to function effectively as a vital part of the leadership vision.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to explore key diversity and inclusion leadership and management skills, understand strategies for building the right brand and image, examine what it means to transform organizational culture, create a plan for excellence in diversity and inclusion leadership, and explore business challenges that impact diversity and inclusion leaders.

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