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Career Communications Group recently held a seminar titled “Leadership and Excellence in Diversity: Sustaining the Diversity Momentum in Changing Times.”  The seminar aimed to explore what it means to be a diversity leader and how to continue to foster diversity initiatives in changing times.

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The panel consisted of an assistant inspector general of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command;  the vice president of people & culture at IBM Corporation; the chief diversity officer of the U.S. Army; and inclusion and diversity in corporate social responsibility business partner at Aerotek.

The speakers emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in building a foundation of creativity, innovation, and transformative results.

They also stressed that diversity and inclusion leaders are key players on the executive leadership team responsible for ensuring that human resources are honored, embraced, and ready to contribute great value.

The workshop provided participants with key diversity and inclusion leadership and management skills, strategies for building the right brand and image and an understanding of what it means to transform organizational culture.

Participants also learned how to create a plan for excellence in diversity and inclusion leadership and how to navigate business challenges that impact diversity and inclusion leaders.

Overall, the seminar was a valuable opportunity for leaders in diversity to come together and learn from one another.

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