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Career Communications Group recently hosted a seminar titled “Cybersecurity: Using Zero Trust to Secure the Hybrid Workforce.” The panelists at the seminar included Robbin Johnson, a senior information system security engineer at the National Security Agency, Jerri Sanders, a quality assurance and risk manager, Stephen Yirenki, the CEO of Terp Techs LLC, and Col. Elizabeth Casely, the director of I Corps Communications (G6).

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With the shift from remote to mobile work, it is vital for organizations to reassess their approach to protecting their data and personnel.

Relying solely on perimeter defense is no longer adequate to achieve cyber resilience and secure information enterprise across geographic borders, external partners, and millions of authorized users. The seminar’s “never trust, always verify” mindset emphasized the need for organizations to secure their devices, applications, assets, and services.

The panelists discussed the effective implementation of the Zero Trust security model, which involves authenticating, authorizing, and limiting access, as well as end-to-end encryption.

The speakers also highlighted the importance of adopting a Zero Trust Cultural mindset and incorporating cybersecurity practices to achieve enterprise resilience. It is crucial to keep pace with industry advancements by deploying zero trust-based technologies and funding policy, programming, planning, and execution for zero trust enablement.

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