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Career Communications Group recently held a seminar titled “How to Mobilize Your PhDs to Drive Diversity and Grow the Business” which was presented by Booz Allen Hamilton.

Pursuing a Ph.D. is a personal and professional endeavor for many, with the ultimate goal of making a positive impact on the world.

However, it is often observed that many PhDs leave academia due to the inability to make a tangible difference. Unfortunately, there is little guidance available on how to use their skill sets in non-academic jobs.

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At Booz Allen Hamilton, their mission is to bring together their 1000+ doctorate employees and engineers to assist in the firm’s VoLT Strategy. This includes generating R&D to advance client products and services, building strategic partnerships with high-level government officials to solve complex problems, and prioritizing diversity as a business imperative.

During the seminar, attendees learned how to better utilize PhDs and hands-on engineers for research opportunities to improve their organization’s bottom line. They also learned how to attract and retain more PhDs and build strategic partnerships with outside entities to expand their business.

Speakers at the event included Charles Johnson-Bey, senior vice president, Booz Allen Hamilton, Dr. Christina Leggett, uuclear consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, Dr. Kalena Stovall, chemical engineer, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Dr. Sean Guillory, Booz Allen Hamilton.

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