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Career Communications Group recently hosted the FinTech Symposium Luncheon & Workshop titled “What is FinTech and Why is it Important?”

The panelists include Valerie Root from The Boeing Company, David Jones, a financial advisor, and Dr. Tosha Padgett, an IT application manager/professor from Canton Township/Northwood University.

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With an increasingly diverse and mobile global population, the financial industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Financial technology, or FinTech, is one of the fastest-growing and ever-changing sectors in this industry.

Women are a major driving force in this field, bringing unique skill sets and talents that enable new business models and consumer applications. By harnessing technology, the FinTech industry and the women leading it are helping businesses become more efficient.

This session offered the following insights: what FinTech is and how women are influencing the industry, how diverse perspectives in FinTech can increase business efficiency and improve financial results, and how FinTech can generate better financial ROI for customers.

Career Communications Group also organized a seminar called “The Changing Faces in FinTech.” The panel included Prem Chacko,  product systems chief architect at The Boeing Company, Andrea Allen, client services leader at The Boeing Company, Dr. Tosha Padgett,  application manager/professor at Canton Township/Northwood University, and Kim Wilson, vice president of technology operations at JP Morgan Chase Co.

Historically, financial services have held a firm grip on the market with little change to their business strategies. However, today’s businesses face demands from new visionaries who provide more services and a better customer experience.

Entrepreneurs are opening up new opportunities for women, businesses, and consumers as they unlock new economic territories.

Female FinTech trendsetters are changing the current market from the old guard and redesigning a better, more gender-friendly financial services approach in banking, capital markets, investment management, and insurance by adding more female leadership and technology.

New approaches such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lenders, mobile payments, digital currencies, and more will benefit consumers by expanding choices and increasing competition.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to understand how automation of the financial sector will provide a more informative service for consumers.

They will also be able to examine the technologies women are improving to increase efficiency and promote productivity in the workforce, as well as explain how Fintech will minimize human error and free up capital for consumers.

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