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In episode #13 of High-Tech Sunday, two execs from ClearFlame Engine Technologies spoke about how and why they developed a soot-free engine for heavy-duty applications. Chief Executive BJ Johnson and CTO Julie Blumreiter also talked about what inspired and motivated them to take up careers in STEM and their engine technology disrupting the transportation and power generation sectors. (Photo contributor: Zerbor, Shutterstock.com)

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BJ Johnson is CEO and co-founder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a start-up company dedicated to developing clean engine technology for heavy-duty trucks, off-highway, and industrial applications. BJ co-founded ClearFlame to create solutions that increase performance and reduce emissions from internal combustion engines using decarbonized fuel. BJ was the lead inventor on a patent filed by Stanford University, which now forms the center of ClearFlame’s intellectual property.

As CTO and co-founder of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, Julie Blumreiter is committed to developing a clean, sustainable, and equitable future for all people in her daily work. The foundational science behind ClearFlame grew from Stanford University’s Advanced Energy Systems Laboratory, where Julie completed her Ph.D. in 2016. While there, her work focused on modifying engines to study high-efficiency, advanced compression ignition concepts.

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