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As the Fall 2023 semester gets underway, USBE’s Podcast of the Day is focusing on seminars that teach college students important skills.

One of the seminars teaches effective participants the art of time management, which is crucial to college success.

Even students who manage their time well in high school can struggle when they start college due to large course loads, extracurricular activities, and social events.

However, it is possible to complete everything that needs to be done promptly and efficiently. This seminar shows participants how to be self-motivated, leading to better organizational skills, productivity, and efficiency.

Most students agree that they must learn to study properly when starting college. This seminar will focus on preparatory study principles, such as goal-setting, identifying your learning style, active reading, participation in study groups, organizing notes and study materials, and writing drafts of papers.

These principles can help all students improve their study skills and perform better. After attending this seminar, participants can identify successful studying traits, generate methods for achieving successful studying habits, and outline methods for implementing successful studying techniques.

Test-taking is an important skill for college success as much of a student’s grades are based on quizzes and test performance.

Doing well in these tests is an indicator of subject matter knowledge and a good predictor of how you would perform in the workplace. This seminar will focus on test-taking, preparation tips, and strategies for college-level tests.

By applying helpful test-taking and test-preparation skills addressed in this seminar, such as writing down everything you remember, reading the directions, browsing the test questions, putting together a plan, and making an educated guess, participants will learn how to prepare for and perform well on any test so that they feel confident bringing their testing A-game.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to identify practices for dealing with test anxiety, measure the validity of current test-taking methods, and generate more efficient techniques for improving assessment scores.


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