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Recently, the U.S. Air Force hosted a seminar titled “A Day in the Life of an Air Force Engineer/Scientist” at a Career Communications Group professional development event. The seminar featured a panel that spoke about the crucial role of scientists and engineers in achieving the Air Force’s mission.

The panel highlighted the exciting challenges of working alongside military partners and the personal and professional fulfillment that comes with it.

During the seminar, two senior leaders shared their visions of how scientists and engineers can advance technology in defense of the nation. They also emphasized the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, as well as their commitment to public service.

Three S&Es showcased highlights from their projects and discussed their work-life balance, the impact of diversity and inclusion in their careers, and their personal and professional fulfillment serving as S&Es in the Air Force.

The speakers included Karen Hudson, chief of the Avionics Engineering Division; Dr. Marcus Smith, chief diversity, equity, and accessibility officer at the Air Force Research Laboratory; Damon Brown, engineering technical expert at the USAF / 402 Electronics Maintenance Group; Jacqueline Janning-Lask, director of engineering and technical management and chief engineer at the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center; CDR Heather Pringle, Air Force Research Laboratory; and Jessica Peterson, technical director of Flight Test Engineering.

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