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Engineering Matters is a podcast that started in June 2018. Since then, it has grown to have over 40,000 regular listeners per episode and produced more than 200 episodes. The podcast has partnered with leading engineering organizations such as Atkins, Bentley, Fugro, and WSP to share engineering stories that tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

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Reby Media, the parent company of Engineering Matters, has announced that the most listened-to episode of all time is Positioning Satellites in New Space. In partnership with Fugro, the episode explores preventing satellite collisions in low earth orbit to avoid a catastrophic event. The podcast highlights new technologies being developed to protect against collisions and enable new applications for Earth monitoring.

Jon Young, CEO of Reby Media, attributes the success of Engineering Matters to their ability to turn challenging technical content into a compelling narrative. Working with partners like Fugro has allowed them to find untold stories such as Positioning Satellites in New Space.
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