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In STEM City USA on Thursday, March 9, Kwantrice “Kwan” Hurst, chief operating officer at Career Communications Group, gave a virtual tour and presentation to several Tennessee state government members featuring the metaverse and digital twin. (Photo credit: Ms. Hurst, standing left in green, poses with a seminar presenter at STEM City’s Metaquake Symposium in February.)

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STEM City USA is a two-dimensional (2-D) low-res and 3-D metaverse providing health, work, education, and professional digital resources. The platform offers innovation for organizations, including city and state governments, to help their citizens access information. Services on the platform can be “white labeled,” which means they can be customized to suit specific needs.

Currently, content providers and sponsors on STEM City USA provide content from a suite, room, or wing leased in STEM City USA, from their version of STEM City, which remains on the mothership.

Perhaps the most recognizable image of  STEM City USA is its iconic welcome sign in front of the community’s Innovation Town Center. This downtown area has imposing buildings, such as the Professional & Financial Building, Multicultural Building, and Education & Discovery. The Welcome Center offers a gateway to all the amenities in the city and a connection to other areas through the subway system and airport.

In the newsroom, there are capabilities for live programming. NASA Live is one of several programs that run in STEM City 24. Video and chat features on the platform enable visitors and users to connect.

The STEM City Convention Center is also where Career Communications Group hosts major conferences. They include the Black Engineer of the Year Awards STEM digital twin experience (DTX) and the Women of Color STEM DTX.

La Familia Health & Wellness Center has mental health services such as the “Healthy Doses” series, which runs every Saturday morning at 11. am in the Boston Scientific auditorium. Tech companies like  Amazon and Leidos feature job training information in their suites located in the professional and financial complex.

The Black Business Olympics suite provides content for businesses and hosts a series featuring companies and entrepreneurs connected to the Black Business Olympics. In STEM City’s multicultural center, a museum of famous artists is in the works. The bookstore in the building is another e-commerce point.

The U.S. military also uses the Tribute Hall in STEM City as a meeting spot for Stars and Stripes-related initiatives at the annual BEYA STEM Conference.

The Discovery Center forms the nucleus of STEM City, which was created to bridge the gaps made all too clear by the pandemic. Some of the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs include STEM Skills. The HBCU Village is where visitors can tour all of the 15 ABET-accredited engineering schools at historically Black colleges and universities. Click here to visit STEM City USA.

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