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Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has announced the appointment of Tiffany Mfume as the new associate vice provost for student success  and retention initiatives. Mfume recently served as associate vice president for student success and retention at Morgan State University.

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At Morgan State, Mfume led the university’s retention and graduation efforts, enhancing outcomes by bolstering technology resources for student advising, data analysis, and early alert systems.

According to the JHU press release, Mfume will lead, direct, and coordinate Johns Hopkins’ efforts to meet student needs, enhance student progression and retention, and improve graduation outcomes. She will spearhead engagement and retention efforts, improving the student experience at JHU.

She will support, develop, lead, and coordinate efforts that make it possible for students to thrive, with attention to the needs of first-generation, limited-income, international, and underrepresented students. Her core responsibilities will include expanding collaborations to implement a systems-thinking approach.

Mfume will play a critical role in supporting and ensuring the effective development, implementation, and monitoring of the university’s student success strategic plan and its components focused on building university and student capacity for success.

In this archive photo posted on Morgan State University’s Facebook page, Mfume is seen speaking at a 2017 event.  Known among colleagues and peers as an effective leader and champion for student success, Mfume is a frequent contributor and speaker at higher education conferences.

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