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Authority magazine, a Medium publication, has published a wide-ranging interview with Dr. David Dalton, an award-winning pharmacist and biopharmaceutical entrepreneur.

In the conversation with Jamie Hemmings, a social impact entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, Dalton reflects on his successful career in medicine, his accomplishments, and how others may follow his path. Click here to read the full interview.

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In 2017, Dr.  Dalton spoke to US Black Engineer (USBE) magazine as part of his efforts to promote jobs in the biopharmaceutical industry.

His interest in pharmacy sparked early because the profession included business, science, research, and innovation. By 1972, he had served as a district pharmacy supervisor and then as a divisional manager. Two years later, he earned a doctorate in pharmacy in Maryland.

“The pharmacist that comes out today is more educated than the pharmacist coming out of college in the 1970s,” Dr. Dalton told USBE. “So it’s essential for young people coming out of high school to see how valuable their STEM programs are for this new arena,” he said.

Whether it’s practicing as a retail pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, hospital staff pharmacist, academic pharmacist, pharmaceutical industry research pharmacist, or whatever area young people choose to practice, Dalton said it’s essential to first, keep current with changes in your career.

Second, become more knowledgeable outside your zone, like technology and financial management, third, maintain your competitiveness and go for it, and finally, make sure your path supports your interests and lifestyle.

Dalton has lectured at several schools of pharmacy throughout the United States. He is a past West Virginia University School of Pharmacy Presidential Committee president.

A few years ago, the University of West Virginia recognized him as a “Distinguished Alumni” and honored him as an “Outstanding Alumni of West Virginia School of Pharmacy” in recognition of his outstanding service to the School of Pharmacy of West Virginia University.

Currently, Dalton serves on the Advisory Board of IR-Med. This biotech company develops non-invasive detection devices that utilize Infrared Light Spectroscopy (IR) and AI for use by healthcare professionals.

He is also president and CEO of Univec Inc. (UNVC), which manufactures and distributes specialty pharmaceuticals to hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, and clinics nationwide.

In addition, he founded the National Minority Health Association (NMHA) in 1988 to help close the disparity gap in minority health and care.

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