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Mareena Robinson Snowden’s story continues to captivate. The headline-making Florida A&M University alumna spoke at the 2018 summer commencement ceremony Saturday, and @FAMU_1887 tweeted some of her inspirational and motivational words.

Robinson Snowden, who has a successful career in physics and nuclear engineering, gave a personal reflection on her journey as a historically black college graduate in today’s world.

“My goal is to tell you the truth as I know it, a truth that will hopefully communicate how uniquely prepare(d) you are, as a rattler, to win in this new chapter,” she began. “Expect to be underestimated.”

Despite the bias and barriers, Robinson Snowden encouraged more than 400 graduates at the graduation ceremony to ensure they are a part of the solution to national problems. “Beyond your skills, you have a lived experience that allows you to look at these grand challenges with new eyes,” she said.

Robinson Snowden also recommended “curiosity and a genuine spirit for contribution” for the future. “Like any new skill, the path toward developing original ideas informed by your lived experience will be clumsy and full of missteps,” she advised.

“Educated at Florida A&M University, where I earned a (Bachelor of Science) in physics, I am a firm supporter of historically black colleges and universities as an irreplaceable aspect of the Black American experience,”  Robinson Snowden said recently.

In 2017, she became the first American-born woman of color to earn a Ph.D. in nuclear science engineering from M.I.T. Her dissertation is focused on the development of radiation detectors for future nuclear arms control treaties.

Robinson Snowden’s journey in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) has been featured in MARVEL’s The Unstoppable Wasp Comic #6. Read more about her work and interests here.

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