Black Entrepreneurs
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Black Entrepreneurs

One of the interesting and notable aspects of the last couple of decades is the declining state of traditional Black-owned home and neighborhood based businesses, contradicted by the surfacing of a new community of Afro-American individuals, revered for their non-traditional and rejuvenated business approach to succeed in even the most competitive environments. These are the Black Entrepreneurs, the new leaders serving with a noble aim to leverage the interest of the Black community to heights and show the world what they are capable of achieving. The success of these Black entrepreneurs is a sure disapproval of all claims and apprehensions of the actual conditions necessary for the rise of an ignored ethnic minority.

The new Black entrepreneurs are educated, skilled and possess all entrepreneurial qualities and abilities required to create a landmark, not only for themselves, but also for the Black community as a whole. Today, Black entrepreneurs are a driving force, contributing much to the economic expansion of the Black community as a whole, creating more jobs for the Black community and the minorities and doing everything it takes to show the world that they are here to stay with a vision and mission. The progressive stance being taken by Black entrepreneurs towards building sustainable businesses that generate economic growth and increase prosperity in underserved areas is obvious. The onus, for them, is towards minority-owned and minority-focused businesses that not only work for the motive of profit, but also with a noble cause, that is to serve various needs of the Black minority.

The stories of their accomplishments are not only inspirational, but also marked for the educational benefits that can be deciphered from them. Black aspires to reflect the expanding scope of leading Black entrepreneurs in various leagues of business. Our mission is to boost small and medium businesses and we do this by serving as an effective media that not only helps create a sense of harmony and belongingness among the worldwide Black community by also providing them with information on business ideas. Since our inception, we have significantly grown from a news magazine to a dedicated organization with a noble mission and rationale.

We are constantly striving to leverage the Black community by giving the young and the aspiring the opportunity to bring forth and enhance their initiative in the business world by giving them information about various workshops, programs, and presentations given by executive board members, faculty, and representatives from the business community. The landmark contributions of Black entrepreneurs are too numerous to mention, nevertheless, we, at Black strive contain as much as possible, and continue to do so. It is our challenge to ensure that no hero goes unsung.

We are much more than a magazine today. We have a marked Internet presence, daily visited by a huge number of visitors, a section dedicated to Black Entrepreneurs, and do organize various events to promote the achievements of Black entrepreneurs in various leagues of industry. This is because we feel that what the Black entrepreneurs have accomplished is enough to raise the sentiments of the Black community and help create awareness and harmony among them. We also serve as a meeting place where the young and aspiring can share their views with successful Black entrepreneurs... those who have already proved themselves in the most challenging milieus. In other words, our mission is to strengthen the Afro-American community and help them be proud of themselves, their community, their achievements, and show the world what Black entrepreneurs have been able to achieve against all odds.

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Black Entrepreneurs
Black entrepreneurs have dared to be different. Fighting against odds, they have created their own hall of fame and embraced business skills and approaches to prove their intelligence and business sense in this fast changing competitive world. Many black entrepreneurs have graced the international business community with their focused vision and never dying spirit. Prominent black entrepreneurs, include David L. Steward, the founder of World Wide Technology with total revenue of $1 billion every year, Earl Graves, founder of the black magazine called "The Black Enterprise," and Robert L. Johnson of Black Entertainment Television, the first cable television network for blacks.